Sunday, 5 July 2009

More on smartphones and open source ways of working

With greater freedoms, come ever-increasing dangers. Or so they would have us believe.

There's always supposed to be a downside to digital interconnectedness. As the new head of MI6 gets his Facebook profile cleaned out, a service perhaps the rest of us might wish to make use of one day as we pursue this virtual sharing without really knowing where it will all end, so the spammers attempt to make money out of Michael Jackson's sad demise.

Communication and propaganda stand either side of a highly blurred - and what's more, blurring - line.

Meanwhile, I'm still investigating the virtues of smartphones. One conclusion I've come to is that the future requires us to move towards a model where we may use different applications for related purposes - sometimes, even different applications for the same purpose. No one can ever provide a total answer to any problem. (Anyone who claims they can has already crossed that line I mentioned above.) This is the model of the competitive marketplace, the marketplace of evolutionary - and occasionally revolutionary - development. The age of integrated solutions, where one company decided what its customers needed and provided it within a timeframe it was almost always able to define, is over.

The principles of open source - its tools and ways of working - will inform software and product development in the future, even where its licensing systems may not.

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