Friday, 7 August 2009

Battling with bad websites is bad for the soul

Having recently managed to install drivers and a scanning utility for the Canon Pixma MP190 multi-function printer on a standard Xandros Eee PC installation, I thought I'd do something far less challenging - book some tickets online. The website in question shall remain nameless for the moment. I hope to speak to the person indirectly responsible for it on Monday and feel I should give him time to react.

From the telephone conversations I've had today what's absolutely clear is that the people directly responsible for the site don't really give a fig about its functioning or the impact it has on the customers who try and use it. Their reaction has been both ineffectual and insulting. They offer discounts to users who book online and then blame banks when the operation cannot be completed. What's more, they refuse to offer the same discounts over the phone, although they would appear to be using the same site to make the purchase on behalf of the hapless customer.

A quick pair of phonecalls to the bank indicated that no request reached them on either occasion that the purchase was attempted, so the messages which informed me that my bank had refused to process the request were both a slur on my bank as well as myself.

A quick Google around the Internet indicates that in July 2008 the same site was causing similar problems for at least one potential customer.

That's a whole twelve months they've had to sort out the site for a company which allegedly has a fifteen percent share of its market.

I await Monday's phonecalls with interest - though will obviously not be holding my breath.

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