Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Eee PC and I

I'm a total Linux newbie. Find it very difficult to even install a simple program. Windows gets you used to the luxury of double-clicking any file wherever you find it - and installing it wherever you need it.

Even so, to the basic Xandros installation I've managed to install advanced desktop mode, a Hayes modem, and - latterly (yesterday, in fact) - a Canon Pixma MP190 printer. As is always the case in my case, I very rarely remember exactly how I manage to do these things - nevertheless, I tell you today just so you know that all these things are possible. I'm still battling with the Canon, mind - need to install a scanner utility so I can take advantage of this feature. But I'm sure that with the help of dear Mr Google, the multiple online communities that are out there and a bit of my own common sense ... well, all this will be possible.

I stumbled across the following site the other day - One-click install is the promise. Doesn't work as yet - but I'll keep you all posted. (Seems to be the Holy Grail of Linux, does that.)

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