Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How to run a non-profit news site (and how Labour Matters could be that site)

Interesting story about how to run a non-profit news site, via Tom Watson's Twitter feed. Everything's so awfully expensive, even so. There must be a better way of making donations more discrete. Smaller sponsorship spread more evenly around a community is what I mean.

Not the discreet of hidden influences. The discrete of a decentralised Internet.

Not the Ashcroft way.

More a true cooperative of common interests.

Take Labour Matters for example. A project ripe for wider development, if there ever was one. An online campaigning tabloid capable of being up there with the best of them. The potential to spread like wildfire.

The issue is, of course, one of funding. But even if we could find a progressive Lord Ashcroft, would we want him or her? Wouldn't it be precisely the wrong move to make in a virtual world full of zero hierarchies, direct messages, consumer-producers and multi-directional communication channels?

Isn't it time, surely, for the cooperative structures of egalitarian power-sharing to support the progressive projects we would like to push forwards?

Surely we should, in essence, be able to practise what we preach ...

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