Friday, 23 October 2009

Put a condom on your content

This is a lovely metaphor. More here.

I do have certain reservations, though, which I've already expressed on Monetising via advertisers is fine - a hoary old model we're fundamentally used to and just about what everyone does with Web 2.0, from Facebook downwards - but monetising by selling off access to the content we produce is a subtly different approach.

Google initially made money by finding us and then advertising to us. Twitter now seems to plan to be making money, if I at all understand correctly, by using my content as the whole point of their business model. Not selling where I access their services as real estate for advertisers but actually selling my intellectual property itself to the likes of Google and Microsoft.

My inflammatory statements do not belong to me after all. They are, once they emerge, Twitter's responsibility - and they may dispose of them exactly as they see fit.

So maybe the one who is actually beginning to want a condom on his content is yours truly.

Now I begin to understand how the WSJs of the world feel.

Wow! What a turn-up for the books ...

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