Sunday, 25 October 2009 and wishlist time is close to my heart. I'm more than a little frustrated with how ineffectively Google's algorithms search my own Google-powered Blogger blogs. If you want to try the following experiment, go to and search using either of the search boxes on that page the word "Extremadura".  I guarantee you won't be able to find it.  Not sure why, but I suspect it's because Google prioritises new stuff over old and only finds linked-to stuff, if it finds anything.

Yet that's hardly a definition of something that's necessarily important.  If anything, it's only a definition of something that's notorious.  We are, or I am at least, actually looking for utility here; not fame, not that fifteen minutes of visibility we were all promised.

I know what I'm looking for is there - I mean, I wrote it.  And I know when I want to refer back to something I wrote.  So Google's not doing the job at the moment, not with anyhow.  There are, in fact, occasions when if I search using Google itself, I am able to find something that otherwise I was unable to find by searching from within the blog itself. 

And it's curious how well Google's algorithms continue to work with Gmail. 

Strange matters indeed.

So, anyhow, in the absence of any short-term solution on the horizon from the behemoth of search engines itself, first on my Poblish wishlist is a Poblish search box gadget which searches my own site for any content - and whilst we're at it, whilst we're in an asking frame of mind, any other blog that Poblish is monitoring.

My question must now be: what might be first on your Poblish wishlist?

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