Sunday, 13 December 2009

FLIPS books for Nintendo DS and DSi (or the future for e-books everywhere)

Lovely idea, this.

I do wonder if this won't be the future for e-books. Rather than simply converting printed copy into e-ink, the porting process will be rather more involved. After all, websites are e-books by another name. A case of convergent evolution.

It's really not true that children do not read any more. They read far more than I ever read as a child - and I was a prolific reader. What they don't read is traditional books. What they do read is hyperlinked text - and very proficiently.

The FLIPS series is far more than a worthy attempt to reach out to a new audience on its own terms. The FLIPS series is a blueprint for e-books everywhere.


  1. These books are great, I think theres 4 at the minute and a new one coming out soon so hopefully they will keep releasing them.

  2. Yes, they are lovely. As I suggest in my post, they serve to bring together the best of paper-based reading and the web in one medium. I bought my daughter two of the books for Christmas. She likes them very much.

    I do hope they catch on more widely.