Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ikea's new online magazine (II) (

More from the interactive side of Ikea here as they launch a new online kitchen design site here.  For full public consumption from the 24th February onwards.

A good example of how to publish constructively - and interactively - on the web.  This takes advantage of the public appetite and dynamic for crowdsourcing - as indeed did places like Ikea even before the web took hold.  Outsourcing the building of furniture to customers satisfied the growing need for more democratic prices as well as - in a sense - empowering these selfsame customers and making them more important.

Flatpack is the real world equivalent of Facebook, I suppose.

Update to this post: free kitchen planner software from Ikea available for PC here.  So the lines between real world and virtual blur evermore fiercely.  We even begin to outsource the designer side of things - the real added value stuff.  As with teaching and the trade of optician, as with self-medication, little by little the bastions of all these professional black arts fall to the tide of self-education that is the modern information gatherer's natural habitat.

So will there ever come a time when something as literal as plumbing becomes a simple matter of calling up the ether and sticking a virtual thumb in the leak?

I do wonder.

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