Monday, 8 February 2010

My Epson printer seems to be monitoring my wallet instead of my ink

Not happy.  My Epson printer, an admirable consumer durable in almost every other respect, no longer seems to be monitoring my ink as it should.  It would, in fact, seem to be monitoring my wallet rather than its cartridges.  In fact, rather than usefully tell me it's time to change cartridges when it's actually time to change cartridges, it forces me to change cartridges whilst there still appears to be a ream of paper's worth of printing swilling around their insides.  Even though I've disabled the ink monitoring, it won't disable what the ink monitoring prevents you from doing - which is simply print until all the ink runs out.

It's truly amazing how these big companies make money out of us without us really realising it.  Truly amazing.  Adding value for shareholders was never so dishonest a pursuit.  (Unless, of course, I'm missing something here and there's a simple button simply buried deep inside the software, designed simply to save legal-type faces from legal-type challenges that consumers like myself would be only too pleased to have an opportunity to mount.)

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