Wednesday, 10 March 2010

This is what you sign up to as an Apple Apps developer (or how to become an IT freemason in one simple step)

Do the words devil, sell and soul come to mind here?  The full text of the agreement can be found at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website - but since one condition of being an Apps developer is that you don't reveal the terms and conditions pursuant to being an Apps developer, a Freedom of Information Act request was needed to obtain the gory details.  As I have mentioned on other blogs of mine, Microsoft seems a paragon of virtue compared to the current control freakery of the (once) beautiful Apple.  We can argue about whether we prefer open source to proprietary software, of course.  Even as a self-confessed addict of open source ways of doing things, I can see examples of when - at least as business people - we would prefer the latter to the former.  But proprietary terms and conditions?  Where you cannot reveal the context in which you are working to anyone who is not a member of your select club?  This is more like freemasonry for the digital world than a relationship between 21st century creators.

Definitely a bad day for electronic publishing, the day Apple got its grubby fingers in the pie.

More background here from John Naughton.

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