Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"A vault of darkness"

An interesting phrase from Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, in this report on the imminent paywall the Times is going to have to shortly deal with.
However, though claiming it would be crazy to be "fundamentalist" about staying free if The Times succeeded, the Guardian editor went on to nail his colours to the mast by saying "if you erect a paywall around your content you kind of go into a vault of darkness".
Rusbridger goes on to say:
He believed openness to and collaboration with the wider internet "ecosystem" were key assets in future journalism.
Interesting also that access to Sky News' website will remain open.
Rusbridger also noted that Murdoch's Sky News website would still provide free news competition, memorably saying: "Rupert Murdoch is having it both ways at the moment and he would as readily stab you in the back as the front."
So is this part of a wider and longer-term strategy by Rupert Murdoch to increase users at the fiercely partisan, Tory leaning and Fox-like Sky and neutralise any remaining latency of true liberalism at the Times?

(This, incidentally, all came my way via Ian Bissell's Twitter feed.)

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